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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i thought it was an earthquake or something because a whole house was shaking. i was like,w wow. >> you can see some of the damage. the windows were smashed out by some of those windows that -- those branches that came down. we will have an update on this
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story coming up at 6. >> right now, crews are working to restore power. you can see where the severe storm cells are moving. >> this storm status of -- storm system is blamed for an accident involving a buggy. some children were lost. they discovered the bodies later. >> this is not something that we wanted for.
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>> two adults and three other children survived the accident. >> the verdict is in for the former activists accused of stabbing his wife to death outside of a baltimore court house. we are joined with more on today's guilty verdict. >> as the guilty verdict was read late this afternoon, two jurors even broke down and cried. this emotional trial is over after more than three days of deliberations. a group of family and friends of the victim left the court in relief after the jury decided that cleaven williams was guilty. the victim leaves behind three young children. >> when the verdict came, i just wanted there to be some kind of
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justice. at the end of the day, of roddick is gone and she could not go to the police. >> the defense was that a blinding rage caused him to stab his wife several times. he says he does not remember doing it and said that iran. stabbed him first. >> i was surprised by the allies that he told. you did not remember it? -- i was surprised by the lies. >> she was a beautiful person. i had an opportunity to spend time with her and her kids. i am glad that things worked out the way they did because no one should die like this. >> the families and supporters of cleaven williams were not available to talk to us. the jury wrote a note after the verdict was read -- "it is with heavy heart in great pain that we have arrived of the this
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decision. we know that the lives of their children are forever changed. we prayed that mr. williams will get the help and support that he so desperately needs." >> tonight, battle lines are being drawn in the house over the issue of legalizing same-sex marriage in maryland. the senate passed the bill, now it is in the house. it is standing room only inside of a hearing. we go live to the state house. >> it is expected to pass committee, however the number of votes in the house needed for passage, is short. >> a house divided. legally recognizing same-sex marriages polarizing and in some cases the most agonizing decision that delegates will have to make. the judiciary committee is expected to send the senate version of the bill to the house floor but there are not enough
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votes for passage. the baltimore city delegate said that he made a mistake when he signed on to the bill. he thought it was a civil unions measure. >> this is a moral issue, not a human rights issue. >> we have about 69 of the 71 commitments that we need and we have more than a handful of people who are undecided. >> the civil marriage protection act provides full of equality under the law for married couples like this. they have three adopted children. >> right now, we lived together, we share everything, but in the eyes of the law we are not together. >> you are legal strangers. >> opposition is strong. a large bipartisan group vowed to defeat it in the house or through referendum. a republican delegate is leading the charge and each of the opportunity to set the record
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straight. >> i do not hate homosexuals. they are created in god's image and they are to be loved like any other individual. do not asked us to legalize same-sex marriage. >> let us know, a date -- let it be know that they might win in the house or senate, but when the history of this fight is over, we shall and will win on referendum. >> the bill could come to the floor on tuesday, a final vote by next friday, if it survives. proponents will then be able to start their petition drives. >> if same-sex marriage went to referendum, the vote would be close according to a survey that we have posted on our website. about 50% oppose, 42% are in favor. a few can give your opinion and
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get the latest developments by going to there is a link on the home page. -- you can give your opinion. courts what has now become a rebellion in libya is now in its -- >> what has now become a rebellion in libya is now in its 10th day. gaddafi said that libyans should prepare to defend their country. the u.s. embassy has suspended operations. today, for the first time, the white house named gaddafi personally. >> the new u.s. sanctions are aimed at muammar gaddafi. >> to pressure the regime in libya and to stop killing its own people. >> sanctioned details are being worked out. the white house announcement was rushed. gaddafi urged his loyalists to keep fighting.
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"we will kill them," he screamed and government forces opened fire on protesters. 2000 libyans are debt by one account, more funerals are head today. -- 2000 libyans are dead. in benghazi, libya and rebels are vowing to march to tripoli. -- libyan rebels are vowing to march to tripoli. president obama is putting more pressure on gaddafi. he called u.s. allies, the french president who said the dictator has to leave. >> puk prime minister sent a warning about war crimes. >> the world is watching you and the world will hold you to account. >> his assets could be frozen, he could be banned from travel, and put on trial for killing peaceful protesters. those are some of the options
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under discussion at the u.n. and being weighed by president obama. an arab dictator is trying to hang on. there will be american sanctions, multi nations sanctions, and possible u.n. action. a possible push against gaddafi and the possibility of military action. >> because of all of the unrest in the middle east, gas prices increased overnight and they will keep rising. how some retailers are helping to ease the pain at the pump. >> anyone who has experience menopause says that off classes are not fun. how your home once could help your heart. -- anyone who has experienced menopause says that hot flashes are not fun. >> a man's crime, killing people while driving under the
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influence. today, he received his punishment. the bar that serves him is under fire. details coming up.
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>> langston hughes elementary
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celebrated black history month with a visit from the mayor. they talked about the creation of the naacp and the oldest order of black nuns. both organizations were founded it right here in baltimore. >> i am grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge our broad and diverse culture and how would makes the city that we all loved better, safer, stronger. >> the mayor noted several famous leaders who are from baltimore like thurgood marshall. >> hot flashes are something that most women say they can live without but a new study suggests that feeling the heat might actually be good for your heart. researchers studied the medical charts of 60,000 menopausal women who were followed for 10 years. they found that those who had hot flashes at the start of
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menopause had less problems than those at the end of menopause or not at all. why? i don't know. experts say that more studies are needed. a new operating table is changing the way that surgeons are performing hit and knee replacements. the table is credited with cutting patient's recovery time in half to. >> margaret had both of her hips replaced, one in 2008 and another in 2009. >> i was expecting a long recovery. >> surgeons say the normal recovery time is 8 weeks. margaret was supplies when she was literally back on her feet much sooner. -- margaret was surprised. >> the next week i was doing yoga and all the things i usually do. >> it is the custers surgeon is a special -- is because her surgeon uses a special method to replace her head.
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-- hip. it gets the recovery time in half. this is quicker because the table allows the surgery to become much less invasive. >> it allows you to position the patients hit in such a way that you don't have cut as much muscle. there is less feeling that the mussels have to do. >> -- healing the muscles have to do. >> this allows them to move his feet in whatever position is necessary to allow them to cut the muscles. >> a robust, where regular aerobics, yoga. i go on several occasions a year and a it is like it did not happen. >> she recommends the table in anyone in need of a hip
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replacement. >> going for a jog or eating a healthy meal can have the same effect on mental illness as a drug. researchers studied the effect of therapeutic lifestyle changes like adopting a healthy diet and regular exercise. making those positive changes were effective treatments for conditions like depression and anxiety and they did not have the side effect. experts say to keep the benefits, you need to sustain those lifestyle changes. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast. >> the official start of spring is a few weeks away but it felt like it today with the warmer temperatures, the thunderstorms, the strong wind. some chilly air will be coming back into the region. at any moment, you will see the almanac indicating that. 67 at the inner harbor. the normal highs are only 48.
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we are 90 degrees warmer than normal. check out the record high, 83 on the 25th of february. that is the earliest it has ever hit that. we had a half inch of rain, the same amount at the airport and the inner harbor. the showers did come down fairly steadily for a while. this was a storm system tracking through the ohio valley and going through new england. there was heavy snow from chicago, ohio, pennsylvania, now falling and parts of new england. this is very much like winter. we have showers and thunderstorms. the wind has been the big story today. but at the way the wind has changed. at 11:00, we had strong southerly wind on the eastern shore. then the front goes by and you will see the wind picking up on the backside of the front.
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they were gusting to near 60 at times. officially, a 69 mile per hour wind gust. the wind was quite strong here in the city. a couple of unofficial reports clocked in at 68 m.p.h.. 47 mile per hour gusts at ocean city. the wind is diminishing to the northwest and that should filter in as the evening comes in. we are still under a wind warning until 7:00 this evening. the wind has turned to the northwest so some colder air will come in. the cold air that produced this no, about 6-10 inches from ohio to northwest pennsylvania, that will be coming into our area tonight. -- the colder that produced the snow. it will get a lot colder tonight. thankfully, the wind will be brisk through the early evening
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and dusty and come down to 5-10 miles per hour after midnight tonight. we will see a mixed bag of clouds and son. another batch of fighting this comes in. the precipitation will stay for the to the north. -- and other bouts of cloudiness comes in. the next major storm rolls in on monday and you can see some rain over the ohio valley by monday afternoon. we might have another round of when along with showers and thunderstorms to wrap up the month of february on monday. partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow and a cooler day. sunrise at 6:44 saturday morning. the wind will be light from the south. it will quiet down from the stormy weather we had earlier to a much more quiet night. if you are heading west to the mountains, 37 tomorrow, son, clouds mixed. they will get some clouds tomorrow night. travel for the second half might
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be impacted. 45 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy. more sign on the lower eastern shore where temperatures will hit 47. we are back to 53 on sunday. the next front arrives with more showers and thunderstorms on monday and that will put it all in the record books for the month of february. march begins on tuesday. it will be relatively mild. nearly 60 on wednesday. >> thanks. still ahead, he makes $1.8 million an episode. that is why charlie sheen is television's highest-paid actor but is he out of a job? >> this sitcom he stars in was on hiatus after he publicly blasted his bosses, the network pulled the plug for the rest of the season. >> and education group is making plans to march on annapolis.
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what they are planning to ask their lawmakers.
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>> cbs is pulling the plug on
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their hit comedy "two and a half men." >> this follows a radio interview with charlie sheen in which he trashed his bosses. >> for the number one sitcom, the plot has been pulled. now, the personal and professional future of charlie sheen is up in the air. >> this kind of flaming out is unprecedented for info and send of the fleet after intensify for thursday after his interview with alex jones. >> there is a new sheriff in town. >> he took a verbal shot at his ex-wife, alcoholics anonymous, and the crater. >> i have spent close to the last decade magically converting your tin cans into pure gold. >> cbs and warner brothers shutdown production for the remainder of the season citing
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the statement of charlie sheen's conduct. >> he has done damage to his career and-out. >> filming had been suspended since last month when following a night of partying, the actor was hospitalized for the third time in three months. he insisted thursday he is clean. >> the only thing i am addicted to is winning. >> that was not a radio interview, that is the unraveling of a man. >> jones can says that he can substantiate the claims even though he does confess that -- >> this was absolutely the wildest interview i've ever done. >> this is in their view that has already cost charlie sheen. it remains to be seen exactly how much. >> still ahead, we will update our top stories including what is next for maryland's same-sex marriage. >> if you blink, you will miss gas prices went up. they have jumped several times
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today alone. there are days -- ways to save. >> a harvard county man must serve 10 years in prison. why he expected a plea bargain after drinking and driving and causing a fatal accident. alright, so we have $10. you could get two things for $4 and one for $2. or five things for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's.
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>> you are watching w b a l news at 5 in hd. >> a horrific triple fatality accident blamed on drunk
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driving. tonight, the man who caused it is going to prison. during his sentencing, travis gray apologized to the families. >> he describes the impact on his own life and now he must serve 10 years in prison. we are joined from the studio with reaction to the sentencing. >> today's sentencing follows another court appearance. travis gray pleaded guilty to negligent homicide while under the influence. today, he told the victim's family that he has had no calls since the wreck any exempted punishment for what happened. the impact of this crash was deadly. two pickup trucks collided head- on in the early morning hours of november 14th, 2009. according to investigators, a truck crossed the center line. pictures from the accident show how the vehicles became mangled.
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in court, members of two families used photos and their own words to describe the long- lasting effects caused by travis gray. >> he has devastated our world. i understand that he feels bad. it will not bring them back. >> two people lost their parents. >> they were great people. better than i can even explain. they were heroes. >> the family of robert -- also detailed their loss. they believe the sentence which requires him to serve 10 years in prison is fair. >> i know he is hurting also and he regrets what he has done. >> according to the state police investigation, travis gray's alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit.
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he had been a patron of the old school tavern in doblin. now they are fighting a license suspension. on the bar is accused of allowing the sale and consumption of alcohol after hours on the same one of the accident. during the sentencing, travis gray faced the victims' families. he cried and he said that he takes full responsibility. >> i was convinced that there is no way that the state could prove the elements of the offense of manslaughter. i was also equally convinced that the state could prove it homicide while under the influence and he said, well, i am guilty of that. he said, i am prepared to tell the judge that. >> gray had been accused of drinking and driving before. he received probation before judgment in court following an incident on new year's eve, 1999.
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the tavern has not served the suspension or paid the fine. they have appealed the liquor board's decision. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. high winds and the wet ground = dangers conditions in the area. these are pictures from the intersection where a tree fell across the road. about 52,000 customers are without power. the utility is closely monitoring the situation and conditions. the debate over same-sex marriage has moved into the house of delegates. the senate moved to promote the civil marriage protection act. the committee will send the senate version to the floor of the house next week. we will have a live update coming up at 6:00. >> we spent this day talking about the things we need to do to create jobs. of course, being fiscally responsible is part of that. >> that is martin o'malley, he was at the white house for the
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democratic governors' association annual winter meeting. he met with barack obama and the other democratic governors for a discussion on the economy. he participated in two panels. one focused on building an innovative work force and the other on making states more competitive. >> in the education alert, thousands of students, parents, supporters are preparing to protest for proposed cuts against education. -- proposed cuts in education. >> if everyone who signed up shows up on monday night, this could be a major rally. they want to send a message to lawmakers to spare baltimore city for potential cuts. the march on the state house by the baltimore education coalition will more than doubled the amount of people who showed up last year. this high school student will
5:33 pm
share his thoughts with lawmakers. >> i'm going to the rally and i am speaking to the legislators about how important it is to the students of baltimore city. >> the annapolis protest was organized in part to try to head off possible cuts to people and programs which support what students are learning in the classroom. >> they would not talk about education. >> the baltimore education coalition, a grass-roots organization housed in a small office, is behind the protest. they are hoping to change minds and votes in annapolis. >> we are looking at a $15 million cut that is on the table. even as we speak, there are different committees and talks about potentially more cuts. >> whether or not western high school has -- for the rally. >> i have two children. i love them and i want them to have the best future possible.
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that means making sure they have great educational opportunities. any cuts are unacceptable. >> supporters from more than 140 schools are expected at the rally. i found out more about of the organization ended the rally on monday. you can go to our web site and click on education alert printemps -- education alert. the governor made a surprise visit to a school to talk about on her. at the time, he promised to deliver the letter to the president. a member of the governor's staff said that he will keep his word and pass along that letter at a dinner tonight for governors. >> still ahead, details on some new breaks that the irs is offering consumers.
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>> the world will get to see the inside of one of the most famous airplanes. >> democratic leaders in wisconsin erupted in anger after republicans force a vote on the controversial union rights bill. as that measure moves forward, we'll get reaction from the state's governor.
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>> that was a reaction from democrats in wisconsin after the state assembly passed a bell that would strip public workers of their collective marketing bills. this ended 60 hours of debate with 15 democrats still waiting to speak. the bill moves to the state senate. >> whether you are for or against this bill were somewhere
5:39 pm
in between, i don't know many people in between, in the and what we almost universally agree is that you don't resolve this matter by running to another state. >> the governor is referring to the state senators who fled the state to prevent a vote on the legislation. they said that the vote in the house only strengthens their resolve. an american company has won the multi-billion dollar airforce contract to build what amounts to a gas station. it will be manufactured by boeing. they beat out a bid from a european manufacturer. this will replace the aging fleet of tankers put the server is back in the 1950's and 60's. >> rescue workers continue to search for survivors in new zealand. >> we have a large challenge ahead to get through all of those buildings. >> as many as 200 people are
5:40 pm
still missing. the odds finding people alive in the ruins grows more slam with each passing hour. there are about 600 people working through the district. water and electricity are slowly returning to the city but the mayor says it will be months before any semblance of normalcy returns and probably much longer than that. >> still ahead, we will take a look inside of the plane that proves that miracles are possible. >> how these tablets could help you save on the cost of education. >> the white house uses the sounds of motown to help celebrate why it -- black history month. >> wind gusting over 60 miles per hour as the cold front goes
5:41 pm
through. baltimore right now, 43 down to the airport were the winners of th
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>> the latest on the cargo ship adrift in the chesapeake. the verdict is in in the trial of a man accused of killing his
5:43 pm
>> it has been two years since the so-called miracle on the hudson. the u.s. airways plane bound for charlotte will now be part of a permanent exhibit at the
5:44 pm
carolinas aviation museum. >> in a makeshift anger about 10 miles from the historic landing, the wreckage of flight 15496 -- 1549 sits. the plane collided with a flock of geese. >> reminders of the cat moments when 155 5 passed -- passengers and crew members evacuated. >> most people did not use their flotation devices. most people took the seat cushions. >> i see history. i see who and what we are. >> a part of the merkel that goes hand-in-hand with the efforts of pilots.
5:45 pm
>> not only was the pilot able to do a great job but the airplane held up when it hit the water. >> those wings that believed passengers will be reattached. -- those wings that buoyed passengers. >> it will be frozen in time just as it was when it came out of the water. >> the majority of the survivors were from charlotte. >> to see my seat again, to look out the window and remember what i was thinking and what i was experiencing the last time i was there. there is a huge emotional connection to the aircraft. >> and emotional connection to this dark cabin and the aircraft still full of life.
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>> now, your insta-weather forecast. >> the storm system that put down a lot of snow to the northwest, parts of northern ohio, parts of pennsylvania, new england, still pulling away. this produced showers and thunderstorms and a strong wind that buffeted our region. the center of the storm moving towards the southern coast of new england. as you can see, there is quite a bit of snow from eastern new york state into southern new england. they were within about an inch and a half of setting the record for the most snow in the month of february they had about five or 6 inches last night. yousef is no record that far north in fremont, this is one
5:47 pm
winter to remember. here goes the latest storm passing by. what'd you will see is the wind gusting over 50 miles per hour. almost 50 in georgetown and southern delaware. both the strongest storms are east of baltimore. essentially, as the night wears down, the wind will become a lot lighter. still, if we are under a high wind warning. behind that storm, the temperatures are calling off. for a while, wheeler going to 67 degrees. 45 downtown, 43 at the airport. it will get colder behind the storm with the northwest wind bringing in some of that chilly air and the mountains. it is after midnight that the wind will die down. tomorrow, we will see a mix of
5:48 pm
clouds and son. there will be some fighting is around here. we might end up with a weekend that is essentially dry but has more clou andds and -- clouds and sun. it looks like it will be another round of showers and thunderstorms rolling in next monday. we are certainly trying to transition from winter to spring. partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. the highs tomorrow stuck in the 40's which is normal. the wind will shift up 5-10. the sun rise going down just before 6:00 in the evening. the wind will be much lighter. coming out of the south at about 5-tanox. western maryland, dry, clouds increasing. tomorrow night, a freezing rain and snow mixture.
5:49 pm
if you are traveling into the mountains, you will get their okay but it might be slippery. 45 around the bay tomorrow, not nearly as windy. some clouds increasing across the region. temperatures reached at the mid to upper 40's. the seven-day forecast, 53 on sunday, showers and a spring- like thunderstorm. we will finish it off with temperatures in the 60's. march our rides with breezy conditions on tuesday. friday morning could be messy with sleet or freezing rain. -- march arrives with preconditions. >> gas prices continued to rise as unrest in the middle east continues. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.22 which is up 6 cents from yesterday. we might not be able to control
5:50 pm
the crisis -- prices but there are some retailers doing something to try to help with the pain that the pop. >> with the the average household spending to thousand dollars a year on gasoline, the prospects that that will be higher this year, even a discount as a few percentage points can be worth it. there are some supermarket that will offer discounted gas. >> for everyone under dollars you spend in the store, you'll get it and additional 10 cents off of the gallon. >> they also say membership at costco and sam's club will get you access to gas as much as 10 cents a gallon cheaper. >> don't go out and get that membership if you are just using it to get discounts on gas. it will take you a while to recoup that money. >> or get yourself one of those
5:51 pm
credit cards that are teamed up with gas stations that offer rebates of up to 10 cents a gallon spill. >> it is worth it if you get a credit card and you pay your balance off in full each month. >> gas approaches $4 a gallon or higher. >> remember, you can check gas prices wherever you are and calculate mileage on our website, and clicking on consumer alert. the irs is offering new breaks to some taxpayers. they are increasing the threshold from liens and holds up from $5,000 to $10,000. it goes without saying that the high unemployment rate was bad for the economy but it was
5:52 pm
unexpectedly good news for the census bureau. the government says they save nearly $1.5 billion because they were able to hire better- educated workers. that work force is more productive than expected which means that less people were needed. tonight, a sign that electronic textbooks are becoming more popular. a leading publisher is planning to convert their top undergraduate titles into a digital format. the publisher says they will be available on the ipad tablet next year. the sales are expected to more than doubled this year -- next year. >> this sounds of motown filled the white house last night. >> ♪ i can make a grey sky bluer i can make it rain, whenever i wanted to ♪
5:53 pm
>> there was a performance of some of the hits by the four tops. before the concert, president obama told the story of the 50 year legacy of motown and the lessons he believes it teaches today. >> born in a time of so much trouble, it taught us that what unites us will always be stronger than what divides us. in the decades since, those catchy beats and simple chords of influence and generations of musicians from sheryl crow. >> the performance at the white house will be broadcast next tuesday night on public television. the latest from annapolis where the debate on whether to legalize gay marriage moves forward. the latest conditions and the damage.
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is ar a ravens' fan, it dream come true. tickets for the next 20 years. thanks to the maryland lottery, next year -- will be a famous woman. >> he is one out of 109,000. she is one lucky lady. >> i have never won anything like -- in my life. >> this eastern shore resident
5:57 pm
won the prize all ravens' fans wish for. >> season tickets for life, club box seats, free parking. >> i did not believe him. then i went on a website and i saw my name and black and white. >> the lottery director was on hand to give the prize. for the next 20 years, she will have two seats for every raven'' home game. >> i have never been to a football game or a ravens' game. >> this is exciting for us that we can prevent the present this to our fan base. >> this cash fantasy game has been a huge success. -- this is exciting for us that we can present this to our fan base. >> this is the most successful
5:58 pm
ticket in the lottery. there are more prices, more fans of the ravens. >> planned start in the works for an next game. -- plans are in the work for a next game. find out how to play the raven'' cash fantasy and more maryland games on here is a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> an apology and a sentence that includes 10 years in prison. why a man says he's taking responsibility for a drunk- driving accident. >> the insta-weather we can forecast coming up. >> a guilty verdict in the murder case against a former community activist. hear from the family and a witness.
5:59 pm
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> . trees, crushed property, even a cargo ship adrift in the chesapeake. the weather causing problems across the region. >> we will have much more is being blamed on. >> tropical forces stormed winds moved to the area. we had at strong gusts out of the northwest. some stations reporting gusts as high as 68 miles per hour. you can see the highest are to the south and east of baltimore. the wind is beginning to the wind is beginning to


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